Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Shame on you…!
You cannot change ..You are less valuable.
Which you carry in your veins ,genes and the ancestry
are irremovable part in you,
Which you cannot change..!
“It is strange how devious the woman’s heart is..
A woman in love loses herself and I lost myself”
This is true..which came from that mouth aloud
Iam not what is called psychic..
Iam far too earthy a woman for that.
Iam a dreamer of dreams
And I have never seen visions.
I can be absorbed in th
Shame on you….!
e every day happenings.
And easily diverted at any time by the talk.
I say this to prove that,
Iam really not in the least psychic
nor even very imaginative .
I have a good practical brain
And an excellent memory
And this is far as I go…!
I make this statement because,
I swear that..last night at a quarter past one
I saw those silent memories in my room..!

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