Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do U like Gr♥ce...?

If you ask me ,Stop Grace
I will only say,
I have not even begun..

If you will know of me,
please listen to my story
for well , you say unnatural..!

Oh...A lady with sick eyes
many faces and carving heart
so romantic , at times philosophical
so holy and so emotional
with scattered eyes and broken ears
of all genuine comedy
talks well of the pure and perfect love,
pray for joyous acceptance of life
under the shade of misfortunes and experiences..

Now tell me......
Do you like Grace...?

Friday, June 22, 2012

!!... The Joy of..... Union...!!

I feel as  though,
my  very flesh is torn from yours..

My heart is always hammering,
demanding the opportunity of your love..

A sphere of pale gold,
my pleasure went out in this moonlight night..

I have returned to the land of my fantasy,
I keep looking at the picture of my fairies..

I remember how I could smooth all my dreams,
I love them still,
and surely they love me.

I tell myself now that,
all is not changed,
I have to live my own life.

The Rain is always late,
in this quiet silent valley..
but it is fascinating and exciting
except for breaking thunders and crying wind...!

"Here fell the Silence...!"

I can always sleep..
No one can imagine the depth of broken heart,,

"Here you can sleep.."
he demanded..
when put his arms around me...

Oh.. Come in to my heart,
I won't let you go out...!