Thursday, September 8, 2011

I said Myself that....

Though I am so happily married to ma mamma's wish
and we had been happy together all night
Last night I dreamt her sewing a little frock
lucky again to enter into ma colourful days...!

Eat and drink and sleep with mamma,
eyes closed as though slept,
and open wide in reproach
and listen to her fairy tales
the promises and love they hide...!

Now I have to be alone
and see for myself why,
she has not changed,if I have..
Yes, loneliness is what I feel here

Such cracks distract me and I record them.....!

To night as I open my windowpane
I feel the raindrops cold upon my face
and the wind blow through my night gown..
a flurry of emotions rush in
I lie beneath them with pleasure
and I comfort myself with their warmth and colour...

I shall be back.....I said myself.....!