Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last night I was too lonely..
I cannot sleepthe night through...
Oh! there is a loneliness which befalls me now and then,
and it is something more than death...!

...and then I started to pray
sure I wondered what I would possibly pray of..
I didn't know what I believed....
I didn't know what I believed...!
At times I felt silly and self conscious
as though Iam bribing him...!
In moments when I used to worry about myself
IO began to stay in the present...feel less alone..!

Prayers didn't help me from erazing my pains
but it gave me a way to be with my dreams..,
and some times helped me enormously with his love.
Oh my Love...prayers brought you to me...!

I learnt a couple of simple prayers
which I whispered from morning till night..
may I be free from fear and pains
may I be filled with loving kindness.
With my hands raising to him
I felt his love and strenth pass in to me
then I lay down to sleep....
God finds us at the end of our rope...!


  1. I have an opinion about this poem's title. I don't think the title is suitable for this poem; you are afraid of loneliness and you hoped that couple of prayer might be overcome this.. Then why are you glad for this loneliness?

    The lines are superb! I love it!