Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Ann,

I think I long to see you and wish no blame to fall on me.
I have never told our heavenly secret,
burried secretly at the tip of this pen.
I wonder how you live with memories,
who had partner and have no more now.
My heart is already hammering on my chest..
and now it is the time to reveal.
yes, I tell you because he has gone away to live peacefully,
and you know.. we have always been honest one with the other.

As we walked down our native place,
down the trees and olden thoughts
there I paused to consider whether
I should tell him and decided,
I can wait until it is time for him to know,
how costly a cup of tea is...!
Then as we were having our meal together
I just asked him,why he would not let me cut my nails..?
For,I have no choice,but to obey
I wiped my fingers on his blue cloth with comfort.
With sudden bright grave dark eyes he smiled at me,
Took my hand on his and gifted a piece of white cloth.

Ann, what I did not wish to tell, you asked..
Now as you have forgotten every thing
I tell you,what I wanted to tell you on that day.
Yes,…..that white piece mean so much to me..
That blue cloth mean so much to me..
And so are my nails…..
….and that heavenly secret,
perhaps the gift of separation …..
a golden thread mean so much to me.
I wish to stay alive with these sentiments,
And the decision that I shall not follow him,has not come quickly.

Get in touch with me Ann..don’t ring up or mail
Come in to my home…it is the same one in our native place.
You and I had no chances to talk ,
Let’s light the candle and settle ourselves.

Yours Lee..!

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  1. These letters are wonderful Deedi.. Each lines are touching my heart..

    "Now a day Ann not receiving any mails from Lee"