Sunday, March 7, 2010


About 4 this morning..
I dreamt it drizzling.
Then I jumped out... and gazed out door
pretending that I had not been ther.
...but with a dread full fear I realised that
the windows of my mind were open to the world.

Clouds are high up..
I feel to reach out and touch ...but...
"how can there be' buts '...if love continues ?
my heart grew quite and no longer prayed.

I can see your face in all my dreams
and could see me standing aside from the fencing
with a plain white silk gown ,
which I did not understand.
I longed to spring from my bed and run to her
but in my loneliness I had grown conscious
demanding attention which Iam trying for..
so I tell myself that now all is changed.

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