Saturday, July 10, 2010


The moon started hanging down the sky...

come in to my room...!

entering in to fresh white gown,
peeping in to the mirror,
smiling in to the face..
..the lively glance of dark brown eyes
longed to put my arms about him..

Dear..have you thought about -
the separation
that coming to live with us..?
The quality of silence,
The quandity of measured happiness,
The dignity of life without Orders..?

I will leave my door open.
If you were dead,
then memory would be all that I have.
When will you go..?
All right,"if that's the way you want it _ "

Ok..then kiss me Good night,
I never knew Patience will be the death of me.
my feet are cold,my fingers are chill..
my comfort and pleasure -warm blanket
drew them about my head...!

It was not the moment of argument......!

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