Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Cup of Tea ..

The past is bad but not so dull
took off the smile but not the grace..
Now Iam awake with no pains
and if you need me
move from behind and stand beside me..
Sure, I offer a Cup of Tea
a drink made by hot water to leaves
and wish to bestow a shower of words..
“Do not let people take you in..
Do not let feelings fall on you..
Do not consume much worries..
Do not chase the shadow..
Shocks never erase such pains.
You are so wet that water is dripping,
Do not mind it..
Do not feel it..
Do not waste your emotions..
Do not fall so easily..
For all reasons you are respected..”
Come on..
I look out from this window
and you from the other..
take a sip and gulp your pains,
and gaze in to the light rain -
falling in fine droplets..
never though they cry for you
gives a flash of smile with grace….!


  1. “Do not let people take you in..
    Do not let feelings fall on you.."
    Experience make a man/woman took such decision. if one can't respect others emotions, then what is the meaning of that relation. You said it Deedi, we can always offer a cup of tea.. Thats all..

  2. nice of u Sami...Manuvettaa....

    KM...U said it...!

  3. well written..!! yes experiences teaches to survive ..there is a hope beyond the window....have a cup of tea and get rid all the emotions... :)