Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh... Oh...!

My Dad always manages a box of chocolates on my Birthday..
and I get a gift too..
It usually has Barbie -
he doesn't go for games and flowers..
then we will slip comfortably in to a Candle light Dinner with myself, young brother, dad and mom....

Finding time to enjoy with kids is becoming harder and harder.
The leisure you spend dropped and the average work week jumped..

The tendest moments in a parent hood can be strange and incongruous.They are not something inscribed in your Diary,but they beat Fairy tales and Stories..

Here is your part..
This is where you honour yourself by doing something special to acknowledge life's memories..!


  1. wonderful stream of thoughts to make life more meaningful. living in an age of material worship, these things have to be repeated as often as possible. nice presentation.

  2. supper presentation mydear didiye...!

  3. nice of u Salam, Manu bro,Rafi...!

  4. One more memmorable moment..
    Happy birthday Deedi!
    Many many happy returns of the day!
    God bless you..