Friday, January 14, 2011

Child and the Family..

What is your relationship with your child..?
Is it one of lack or abundance..?
Which ever it is, what ever you focus on is exactly what you will get back.
Early Childhood should be a happy period in a child's life.
It is important,otherwise the habit of being unhappy can be developed,which is hard to change.
Today husband and wife work in separate jobs sharing their income.
The family provides social and psychological stability.
It is a small group with strong emotional attachments.
Children develop their basic personality,characteristics,language,culture and how to relate to other people through the experiences provided in the family.
The Family is the basic unit of society which consists of two or more adults living together in a house with kids.

The Family that prays together stays together..


  1. yes...chottayile seelam chudalavare...

  2. The Family that prays together stays together.. !!!